Buffalo Sabres Honor and Victory

The Buffalo Sabres ceremonial “RJ Night” was a special tribute to an esteemed announcer and the ceremony was heartfelt creating a raucous crowd that was near capacity and was also treated to a Buffalo win versus Nashville to begin April with a victory.

Any glance through a Buffalo Sabres Official Media Guide from the late 1970’s and you would of read that not only did Mr. Jeanneret provide radio play-by-play and/or color he additionally did the play-by-play announcing for the Sabres cable television broadcasted games.   

He said he had three words for us…”I Love You”

With the score 3-3 after the first period Buffalo proceeded to play a very solid and tight team defensive game in the second and third periods and scored the game winning goal in the second period as the Sabres went on to win the contest 4-3.

Buffalo’s April record 1-0-0 after going 8-3-3 through March has created the possibility of ending the season with an even or winning record, considering all this team has endured and to come out on top at the finish positively could carry over into next season.

One reason that Sabres games are entertaining are attributed to the insights of color analyst Mr. Ray a well respected Alumni member of the Buffalo Sabres whose personal anecdotes and observations of Buffalo’s teams and players both past and present can be informative and humorous.

The Sabres host the powerful Panthers from Florida tomorrow afternoon at one o’clock in a game where Buffalo looks to avenge their 6-1 drubbing from last month at the gloves of this same Panther team and then travel to Florida for a Friday Night rematch.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “Buffalo Sabres Honor and Victory”

    1. Thanks, Woody,

      I mostly remember Mr. Jeanneret from the radio during the 1970s, I did not even know what cable television was until the following decade, lol

      Buffalo does a good job in honoring their own, not always but mostly

      …this was just me observing and commenting on the game, not the usual “article” that I would pen for an individual

      the first person I wrote about for my site was Mr. Darling

      As the Holiday approaches, I look forward to searching for the Easter Egg

      again Thank you, Woody, your comments are always appreciated

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