ESPN Fantasy Hockey Draft

     Hockey Enthusiasts basically approach the Draft in one of three ways since most drafts began hosting online and they are Snake, Linear, and Automatic along with mock and ordered drafts as options.

     For the ESPN Fantasy Hockey League the concentration will be on the top three ways to draft “your team”.

The Automatic draft is a good team saver for those participants who cannot attend the live draft for any reason.

     For the complete neophyte do not be overwhelmed by the 90 second clock and pressure to know who you need to select for each round and go ahead with the Automatic draft and prompts that will ensure that your turn and selection will be the highest ranked player available to fill your roster needs.

Most Leagues utilize the Snake draft which allows for the most equitable distribution of talented players each round for every Team.

    The Snake draft “flips” the order so that the last team to select in one round gets to select first in the next round and then the next to the last player will be last and then first and so on until all the rounds are completed.  

     The Linear draft is a rigid order of team selection that gives an inequitable distribution of talented players so that team ten in a Ten Team League will select tenth overall each round.

      Being required to select last each round is something no Team Manager should endure to build their team so turn a careful eye to the settings of a League you are considering before committing.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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