ESPN NHL Fantasy Hockey Update

Wk 12 weekly matchups


The League leader and sitting atop the highly competitive East Division with the other four teams that legitimately still have a shot at the final playoff seeding have themselves what appears to be a fight to the finish.

After week 11 of our 21-week FHL season, the West Division appears set with two top playoff-bound teams and three teams that have a combined win total that matches the win total of the second-place team in the West Division.

Season Stats

Ironically the League’s fourth-place team is the League leader in (G) goals, only team over 200, (A) assists only team over 300, (PPP) power-play points, two dozen more than the nearest rival, (SHP) short-handed points the only team in double digits, and most (SOG) shots on goal.

The League leader leads handily in (HIT) hits and (BLK) blocks but has only scored six more points overall than the fourth-place team, yet it is the strength of 10 wins and a single loss that makes the League leader the team to beat for the Championship.


One position in fantasy Hockey that can win the week or cost severe negative points has to be played judiciously, and putting in goaltenders has to be well thought out, what win-loss record did the goaltender earn against certain teams, or is the goalie facing the Cup Champions?

Using the League leader’s goaltending statistics we note the leader’s goaltenders have the most (SV) saves but the most (GA) goals against and just one win more than the second-place team overall.

How does the goaltender point system work positively and negatively?

Firstly we will add the positive points earned to date for the League leader, 31 (W) wins = 124 points, 1,672 (SV) saves = 33.44 points, 3 (SO) shutouts = 9 points, 8 (OTL) overtime losses = 8 points totaling 174.44 positive goaltending points earned.

Secondly the League leader’s 158 (GA) goals against negative points total come to 316 and when we minus the 174.44 positive points the League leader lost 141.56 points during weekly matchups over the past 11 weeks.

Armed with this information why would any team manager insert a goaltender into the lineup knowing that on average they will lose points and even cost them the weekly matchup?

The fourth-place overall team has the fewest points against in the goaltending statistics, the goaltender used for the lone shutout came after noticing the goaltender’s team was scheduled to play the 32nd-place team in the NHL and earned big-time points for the eventual victorious weekly matchup.

NHL Players

No matter how experienced and successful of a fantasy Hockey team manager you are, ultimately your success depends on the professional Hockey player’s performance, your best scorer could have an “off-game” your goaltender could play like a sieve or your least productive point producer earns a hat trick.  

Fantasy Hockey

In conclusion, to become a successful FHL team manager you have to put in time and effort, even 10 minutes a day could ensure you a playoff seeding, but I know that life is more important than a Hockey league that does not exist except digitally.

But you joined an ESPN FHL team for some reason and hopefully, you are enjoying the NHL season with your fantasy team as much as Buffalo Winter.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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