Fantasy Weekend Update

Fantasy Saturday finds the Buffalo Pro H2H Points League scoreboard highlighting team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap as the first manager to hit 100 points for the week and building a 16.5 points lead over their divisional foe the first-place team in the West Division Buffalo Winter.

First place in the highly competitive East Division Team Fitzgerald has fallen behind by an almost insurmountable 55.3 points to the fifth place Team ALEX a team although last in the division is in the top half of (PF) Points For, earners in the League.

The League’s inter-division weekly matchup finds the third-place team from the West Division 2-2-0 Team Borowicz chasing the fourth-place team from the East Division 2-2-0 Team Beaulieu a team riding a two-week win streak that has earned nearly a two dozen points lead.  

Second and third-place teams in the East Division are 3-1-0 and vigorously competing for first place in the division as second-place Downton Flyers has built a 36.3 points lead over third-place team Buffalo Sabres who could overcome this deficit with some lineup changes.

Contention continues in the West Division as the two furthermost teams in League standings across the board, fourth place Team Iglesias and fifth place Team Beaty, bring their mutual winless records to bear in their struggle for a weekly matchup victory.


Mr. Houser sitting on the nest in Rochester

Is it time for Mr. Comrie to take a break and let Mr. Houser have another successful go at it for Buffalo?

Mr. Asplund scored a “shorty”

The Sabres tagged sin city with four goals and one of them was a short-handed effort by Mr. Asplund, so offense appears not to be an issue.

Buffalo hosts Boston tonight at seven o’clock.

Mr. Herron and Mr. Myre


November 12th, 1975 the Atlanta Flames defeat the Kansas City Scouts 2-1 in an era where their two goaltenders regularly let in three or four goals per game, had earned that contest an incredible save percentage of .966% and .950% for Mr. Myre and Mr. Herron respectively.

The NHL has scheduled a baker’s dozen worth of games today beginning at one o’clock this afternoon EST.

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