ESPN FHL Daily Update Nov 5th

This morning’s FHL scoreboard highlights from the West Division team Buffalo Winter the first to reach over 100 points for the week and scoring a monumental 58.8 points lead over the intradivisional opponent and the furthermost team in the League Team Beaty.

Struggling to retain first place in the West Division team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap has fallen nearly 50 points behind the League’s leader in (G) goals the East Division’s Team Fitzgerald a team attempting to take their division lead during this inter-division weekly matchup.

In danger of losing their grip on first place, the East Division’s undefeated team Buffalo Sabres earning 3.8 points last night is still 9.2 points behind Team Beaulieu in their highly competitive division that is building a three-team gridlock competing for two playoff seeds.

Also battling in the East Division teams Downton Flyers and Team ALEX are within 2.7 points of each other as these two divisional opponents need to win in order to keep pace with their division’s top two teams to have any hope of a playoff seed.

In the West Division, Team Iglesias skates closer to their first weekly matchup victory as they earned 13.6 more points than their intradivisional combatant Team Borowicz last night to tie the weekly score in their matchup with two days and 17 NHL games remaining to earn positive points.

Marvelous Magnificent Moms and guests


The Buffalo Sabres players had their Moms and guests in attendance for last night’s game and for the game tonight versus Tampa Bay, a beautiful way to spend time with the one person in their lives who probably more than anyone has sacrificed so much for them to succeed.


The NHL has 14 games scheduled today and three for tomorrow so FHL team managers have this one day to come from behind or strengthen their lead.

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