ESPN FHL Daily Update Nov 1st

This morning’s FHL scoreboard shows two teams beginning the week with negative scores, one team with no points, as a second place from the West Division, team Buffalo Winter with just three NHL games last night earns over 20 points to take an early lead over Team Beaty.

Third, in the West Division Team Borowicz has fallen behind quickly as one of their goaltenders was shellacked last night and West Division rival Team Iglesias has scored the second-highest points total last night to lead in their weekly matchup.

Second in the East and skating towards first place in the division while leading the League in (G) goals, Team Fitzgerald has built over an 11 points lead over the West Division leader the undefeated Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in this week’s interdivisional battle.

First place in the East Division, the undefeated and with the lowest (PA) points against, team Buffalo Sabres had earned less than one point last night but remains within less than five points of division foe Team Beaulieu in a possible division alignment altering weekly matchup.

Third, in the highly competitive East Division with the most goaltender wins, Downton Flyers are going up against their furthermost divisional opponent Team ALEX a team that has taken over an eight points lead over one of the division’s top teams in Downton Flyers.

Mr. Thompson’s Halloween Hat Trick


During the post-game interviews Mr. Thompson was asked “what was more exciting, the hat trick or having a six-point night?” his response after a pause and an “I don’t know” was a thoughtful  “obviously getting the win”.

Mr. Quinn scores his first NHL goal
Mr. Skinner becomes etched in NHL history

Mr. Skinner scored the 300th goal of his career last night as well as Mr. Quinn scoring his first NHL goal, and Mr. Dahlin scored earned an assist to take over the scoring lead for defensemen in the NHL.

Mr. Dahlin becomes NHL points leader for defensemen


The NHL has 24 teams in action tonight beginning at seven o’clock and the last opening faceoff at ten thirty EST affording League managers an opportunity to insert a full lineup where the only problem is who to sit.

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