ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 29th

This morning’s FHL scoreboard slaughter spectacle in the West Division featuring the League leader team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap scoring 22.1 points last night to take a 67.8 points lead over the West Division’s furthermost combatant, Team Beaty in their intradivisional weekly matchup.

With 17 NHL games over the next two days at the end of this week’s matchups the East Division leadership could change entirely as the undefeated, division leader, team Downton Flyers goaltenders have taken some serious negative points and have fallen behind by 27 points to Team Fitzgerald.

This week’s inter-division weekly matchup highlights the East Division’s undefeated, second-place team, Buffalo Sabres scoring an average of 10 or more points each night to earn an ice solid 30 points lead over the West Division Team Iglesias.

An intense battle for second place in the West Division between 2nd and 3rd place teams, Buffalo Winter and Team Borowicz separated by 10.6 points with both teams sharing a similar win-loss record and both team managers looking for their second weekly matchup victory.  

The League leader in (G) goals, and (PPP) power play points, Team Beaulieu is matched this week against Team ALEX and they are separated by 7.1 points in the highly competitive East Division that could have a serious impact on their division and League playoff seeding.


The injuries reported are Mr Samuelsson (lower body, out until 30 Nov) and Mr Jokiharju (face, return last home game possible) with the Sabres hosting the Blackhawks tonight at seven o’clock, both teams have identical records with Buffalo the stronger goal differential.


The trading yesterday that sent defenseman Ethan Bear and AHL journeyman Lane Pederson to Vancouver from Carolina can improve the Canucks blueline immediately with a player who can contribute on average a solid 17 minutes of time on the ice.

The NHL has 12 games scheduled today with three games beginning this afternoon at two and four o’clock with one at four thirty before the night games get underway.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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