ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 27th

This morning’s FHL scoreboard top earner is Team Beaulieu currently in a basement battle versus East Division competitor Team ALEX where both these teams have the highest combined score for the week but their scores could be closer if team managers put eligible players into the lineup.

First place in the West Division and second overall in the League team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap leads the League in (SOG) shots on goal and has built a 10.6 points lead over intradivisional foe Team Beaty in their weekly matchup.

In this week’s inter-division matchup between the undefeated, and second place in the East Division, team Buffalo Sabres has taken a 6.9 points weekly matchup lead after scoring nearly 17 points last night opposing the West Division’s representative Team Iglesias.

The League-leading Downton Flyers after scoring a couple of points last night have fallen behind East Division rival Team Fitzgerald by 1.1 points in a weekly matchup that could determine the League and East Division leadership and playoff seeding.

Currently, the two teams in the West Division contending for second place in the division and the League’s final playoff seeding, teams Buffalo Winter and Team Borowicz have kept everyone on the edge of the rink with a mere .7 of a point separating these two combatants mid-week.


The Buffalo Sabres begin a four-game home stand tonight versus the Montreal Canadiens, who begin their four-game road trip here along the Lake and after an outstanding road trip, the Sabres have an opportunity to solidify their standing in the Atlantic Division.


In an era of Hockey where the geographical arena is not the main source of revenue for the owner and team, it is going to be refreshing to watch NHL Hockey being played at an upgraded college/university arena called “Mullett Arena” similar to the best haircut known to man.

Unfortunately, the NCAA Head Coach of this school allegedly is not “sharing” everything he could so some of the initial accommodations for the NHL players and staff could be…subpar. But if there is one professional sport where the players will not whine and complain it is Hockey because of the adversity the players have already gone through to get to the NHL.

The NHL has scheduled 20 teams for competition tonight affording opportunities for most team managers to adjust their lineup even utilizing the waiver wire to enable a strong positive points-earning team.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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