ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 23rd

This morning’s FHL scoreboard highlights four teams with over 100 points earned and Team Fitzgerald earning nearly 150 points has earned an almost 60 points lead over East Division rival Team Beaulieu in their weekly matchup with both teams searching for their first win.

First place in the East Division team Downton Flyers scored 37.8 points last night and continue to dominate Team Beaty in their inter-division battle with a 37.7 lead and it could have been much worse if Mr Pavelski and his Hat Trick were inserted into the Downton Flyers lineup.

Third place in the West Division team Buffalo Winter is holding a 9.3 points lead over Team Iglesias who has eight eligible players for today’s five NHL games compared to Buffalo Winter’s three players, but all is for nought if the NHL players themselves do not perform well.

Second place in the East Division Team ALEX scored 30.1 points last night to 8.5 for team Buffalo Sabres to take a nearly 10-point lead heading into today’s NHL schedule as both teams are undefeated and vying for the top spot in their division.

The top two teams in the West Division, first-place team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap has fallen behind by just over four points to the division’s second-place team, Team Borowicz who score over 22 points last night to come from behind to challenge for division supremacy.

Defenseman Extraordinaire


Mr Dahlin now has set a newer NHL record to become the only defenseman to score in the first five games of the regular season he also surpasses Mr Housley as the only Buffalo defenseman to score in five consecutive games.

Last night’s game featured no less than three first-round, two number ones, Buffalo Sabres draft picks, all defensemen two currently are Sabres with Mr Myers (Rookie of the Year) now a Canuck.

Quiet Canuck Fans


The Vancouver Canucks are giving their fans little to cheer about as they struggle to win their first regular season game after six attempts, 0-4-2, and HC Boudreau is still in search of his 600th coaching victory.

The NHL Sunday schedule is five games beginning at two o’clock this afternoon and with three games at five o’clock and one at seven this evening it will be an early finish for the weekly matchups, FHL team managers should solidify their lineup before lunch.    

Author: Buffalo Winter


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