ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 21st

This Friday the FHL scoreboard reflects Team Fitzgerald leading the league in weekly points and on average leads all teams by at least a dozen points and has earned a 33.7 lead over East Division rival Team Beaulieu in their weekly matchup.

The number one team in the league Downton Flyers scored over 20 points last night to increase their lead to 27.5 points over Team Beaty in this week’s inter-division battle.

In a struggle to earn their first weekly matchup victory, West Division teams Buffalo Winter and Team Iglesias are scoring above average and are separated by 16.2 points going into tonight’s three NHL games.

The East Division’s second-place team, Team ALEX and third-place team, Buffalo Sabres are both undefeated and are earning similar daily scores, but Team ALEX could be even closer than the 8.2 points that separate these two teams if they managed their roster.

 The West Division leaders first place team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and second place team, Team Borowicz are 10 points apart exactly and both are earning below-average daily scores this week.

To manage an FHL successfully you have to be willing to give five or ten minutes a day to manage the team roster, the example used today from a team in our FHL is for training purposes only, not to mock but for all fantasy managers to gain valuable experience from.

 We can observe that there are three open forward spots in the lineup to be filled and there are three eligible forwards on the bench, never minding about the goaltenders because playing them or not is a tough choice for any team manager.

The three eligible forwards on the bench combined have a 5.2 score that would have brought this team within three points of their opponent, SSPD players need to be on the bench, and DTD players can right up to their opening faceoff be on the bench.

Teams improving with the waiver wire

Finally, endeavour to not leave an open slot in your lineup especially when you have eligible players on the bench. Life gets in the way and life is more important than any fantasy team or league, but a few moments a day can keep your FHL team relevant.  

After scoring an NHL record-setting goal Mr Dahlin credits his teammate


Mr Dahlin set the NHL record for a defenseman scoring in the first four games of the regular season and tied the Buffalo Sabres record for a defenseman scoring in consecutive games.

Mr Tuch scored his first NHL Hat Trick, Mr Hinostroza had three assists, and Mr Comrie had a 40-save game-winning performance to add another West Coast impressive victory this young season.

Number One 2022 draft pick after scoring first NHL goal mocks opponent


The number one draft pick in the 2022 NHL Entry Draft Mr Slafkovsky lights the lamp for the first time in the NHL as he scores the Canadiens fourth goal in a 6-2 win over the Coyotes during Montreal’s fifth game of the season in Arizona.

The NHL has three games scheduled for tonight, last season’s playoff matchup contestants between the Lightning and Panthers for game one, then the Red Wings look to remain undefeated in regulation in game two then finishing up with the Cup champs hosting Seattle.

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