ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 20th

Today’s ESPN FHL scoreboard highlights East Division Team Fitzgerald earning nearly 40 points in the last two days to become the only team to score over 60 points for the week building a 23.8 advantage over division rival Team Beaulieu.

In the West Division Team Iglesias now has the ice thin 1.8 points lead versus Buffalo Winter after scoring approximately three and half more points than their West Division rival last night.

Second place in the East Division team Buffalo Sabres collected 8.3 points last night to increase their weekly matchup lead over Team ALEX by 9.8 points in their divisional conflict.

First place in the East Division Downton Flyers after absorbing a negative 2.2 deficit score for last night’s efforts remain 4.7 points ahead of Team Beaty halfway through the week.

The West Division and League leader Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap battles for division supremacy against their division’s second-place team, Team Borowicz as these teams are separated by half a dozen points.


If Mr. Dahlin scores tonight versus the Calgary Flames it will be in his fourth game in a row equaling a Sabres record set 34 years before by defenseman extraordinaire Mr. Phil Housley, the only Buffalo defenseman to score in four consecutive games.


The NHL has unveiled 32 “Reverse Retro” Hockey sweaters and each NHL team will sport one of these during the 2022-2023 regular NHL season.

As an artist, I can appreciate the newer designs and color schemes, mostly. Additionally, a model or two that can smile and not appear belligerent might make them more appealing.

The NHL has scheduled 12 games from seven to ten o’clock with Buffalo taking on Calgary with the opening faceoff at 9:30 this evening.  

Author: Buffalo Winter


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