ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 18/19

Fortunately, the LM for our league was able to “catch” a miscalculation by ESPN fantasy Hockey for Team ALEX and with the correction Team ALEX gets accredited with their well-deserved weekly matchup win in week one.

This afternoon’s FHL scoreboard reflects Team Fitzgerald leading every other team by at least 10 points and with an 18.2 points lead over Team Beaulieu in their weekly matchup.

In the West Division teams, Buffalo Winter after scoring over 20 points last night has skated to an ice thin 1.6 points lead over Team Iglesias as each of these teams battles to earn their first weekly matchup victory.

The Second and Third place teams in the East Division teams Buffalo Sabres and Team ALEX are so evenly matched that they are within a point and a half of each other as well as each having earned a winning daily point total.

First place in the League and East Division team Downton Flyers is maintaining a solid 10.5 lead over Team Beaty in their inter-division matchup and if Team Beaty can keep shaving off the points each night could come within striking distance towards the end of the week.

The top two teams in the West Division, Team Borowicz and first-place team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap are off to a slow start as each team has a single-digit effort for one night of competition in their weekly matchup.

Buffalo Begins Western Road Swing


Buffalo’s impressive road victory over Edmonton last night was an exciting game fueled by the Sabres first power-play goal of the season courtesy of Mr. Dahlin and Mr. Thompson scoring his first of the season.

A pass from Mr. Hinostroza to release Mr. Peterka on a breakaway, he converted into his second goal of the season to put Buffalo up by two assisting the Sabres to score twice in the second period for the 3-1 lead.  

Just 93 seconds remaining in the contest and the Oilers score to make it 3-2 affording the opportunity to pull the goalie and they do and pay for it as Mr. Tuch literally has to muscle off an Oilers player twice while skating in to score with 4.9 seconds remaining.

Happy Ottawa Fans


The Ottawa Senators spayed snow all over Boston’s undefeated record as the Bruins scored five times but not enough to win during the Senators Home Opener as Ottawa tallied eight times (one ruled “no goal”) last night for their 7-5 final for their first win of the season.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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