ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 16th

At the official end of the first ESPN FHL weekly matchups this Sunday there are no NHL games scheduled an oddity in part created by the Global Series early season start in Czechia.

This evening’s FHL scoreboard reflects the five winners with Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap the only team to hit 100 points with the average league total leveling off at 86 points for the week.

With the rare Sunday quiet except for Holidays team managers should take this lacuna to add to or to create a “watch list” which benefits the team manager’s ability to utilize the waiver wire to their best advantage.

Life is more important than any fantasy league of course, but one of the rigors to becoming a successful FHL team manager is daily maintenance, and realistically that at minimum could amount to just five or ten minutes a day.

One of the more daunting realizations for some FHL team managers is the actual length of over five months and, with little exception, to managing the team every day to gain enough winning weekly matchups to earn one of four playoff spots.



Both the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Islanders teams scored seven goals last night against their opponents which earned the two their first wins of the season.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 16th”

  1. Interesting results. Looks like a couple of good close races.

    Depending on a team manager’s level of interest, staying on top can feel like being a kid in a candy store or can feel like a daily grind. No wonder it’s called fantasy.

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    1. Correct, I endeavor to point out that to be successful in an NHL fantasy league you need to be able to commit some time and effort each day.

      Yes, and so far after the first week, we have some close competitors.

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