ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 15th

This morning’s FHL scoreboard reflects the top four teams all scoring more than 60 points with team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap leading the pack but only leading Team Iglesias by 7.2 points in their weekly matchup.

Team Beaulieu earning the second most points in the league this week scored 6.8 points last night and has increased the lead by 15.4 points over Downton Flyers who had no eligible players to earn points last night.

Team Beaty and Team Borowicz remain the same point gap apart as these two teams scored 13.5 and 13 points respectively yesterday heading into today’s 14 games the last day of the first FHL week.

Not taking advantage of their own point-producing players as they sit on the bench Team ALEX has fallen even further behind than necessary to Buffalo Winter and with today being the last scheduled NHL games for the FHL week, roster management is a must.

Even with three players 2 (IR), and 1 (O) on their roster team Buffalo Sabres have built a solid 17.8-point lead over Team Fitzgerald who is inserting all eligible players so for today’s 28 NHL teams in action each team manager has an opportunity to earn massive points.

Sabres News 2 Know

For this afternoon’s contest downtown at the arena versus the Panthers the Sabres are hosting HOCKTOBERFEST a Party in the Plaza starting at 11am this morning with live music, beer specials, food, and children’s activities planned.

Mr Skinner and Mr Thompson

Around the League

The Winnipeg Jets in their Home Opener stop the New York Rangers in their skates with a 4-1 victory with Mr Scheifele scoring the Jets first goal of the season and the third on seven shots with Mr Hellebuyck’s .976 save percentage.

Jets first goal of their season

The NHL has 28 teams playing today affording all FHL team managers an opportunity to earn positive points, and get a better perspective on which players are or not contributing, populating the team’s watch list for improved waiver wire movement.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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