ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 13th

This morning’s FHL scoreboard reflects Team Beaulieu earning over 26 points leading the league with nearly 40 points and doubling up on their weekly opponent Downton Flyers but with four more nights of NHL action, no lead is permanent.

Second-place overall team Buffalo Sabres the only other team to acquire 30 or more points has put together an 11.5-point lead over Team Fitzgerald in their weekly matchup which could have been a larger deficit if all point producers were off the bench.

Buffalo Winter scored over 17 points despite a -5.6 point deficit from the goaltender to overtake and build a 6.8-point lead over Team ALEX a team that unfortunately left over 12 points on the bench.

Team Iglesias scores three more points than Team Fazzone as these two teams seem evenly matched as their totals are separated by approximately half a dozen points which might have been less if some of the point-producing players were put into the lineup.

Team Borowicz over 11 points behind Team Beaty could have been within three points if the eligible players that generated over eight points were active in the lineup and not on their bench, fortunately, there is time remaining in the weekly matchup to earn or lose the lead. 

Buffalo Winter endeavoring to strengthen the roster

It is the first week of ESPN FHL and team managers have to readjust their personal time to be able to invest the necessary effort in their team, or all is for naught.

The NHL has another full rink of games as 20 teams take to the ice this evening including the Buffalo Sabres hosting the Ottawa Senators in their Home Opener led by newly anointed Captain, Mr. Okposo.


Leader and solid Teammate Defenseman Mr. Samuelsson signed for seven years.

“We don’t talk about him enough,” Dahlin said. “He’s an amazing guy on and off the ice. … It’s super easy to have a guy like that. He plays the right way and (goes) great places with the puck. He’s a guy that you can really trust.”  This quote was reported by Mr. LaBarber at


Mr. Nylander scoring

Toronto has their Home Opener tonight versus Washington who just had their skates handed to them in their Home Opener last night by Boston while the Leafs were losing a close road opener to the Canadiens so this should be one entertaining struggle for a first win.

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