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This morning’s FHL scoreboard finds team Buffalo Sabres skating out front with 8 points, more than twice as many as any other team because of the generous scoring afforded goaltenders in this league.

This is a goaltender league with four points for a win, no deficit of points for a loss, and 0.2 points per save with a penalty of losing two points per goal against gives the point scoring settings askew to goalies.

If your goaltender loses 2-1 with 37 saves the player still “earns” 3.5 points which can be seen as an unfair advantage because with no consequence for a loss a team manager is relieved of the responsibility of risk and can play goaltenders with impunity.

Nothing is 100% so for example your goaltender lost 7-1 with 19 saves that would earn your team a negative 10.2 points which could be a weekly matchup slayer and cost the team manager the win.

When first joining an ESPN NHL FHL you do not see the settings unfortunately until after becoming a member of the league and having an epiphany of needing goaltenders that win or lose and still earn positive points because NHL goaltenders do not lose 7-1 consistently, prompted the change.

Waiver Action

Team Buffalo Winter has utilized the “waiver list” and “add player” this morning to upgrade the roster with three additional goaltenders if they have just an “average” season the point advantage could be substantial.

One more regular NHL season contest between the Sharks and Predators in the Czech Republic this afternoon at 2 o’clock EST, then two regular season games on the 11th before the season begins full blast on the 12th of this month.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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